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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to match students who desire genuine education with genuine education providers. We aim to take leadership in the student consultancy industry and set examples for others with our distinguished quality of services for students and education providers. We strive to uphold the excellence of higher education by providing inclusive, competent and professional supports to student community and educational institutions.

Our Vision

To successfully match students with their chosen courses at suitable institutions that are in the best interest of the student and represent their dreams and aspirations. To promote all round development of students’ abilities and personalities, and in the long term empower students to become global citizens. To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improve continually

To maintain the high standard of professionalism, performance and quality to establish exemplary excellence in higher education, and work together with prospective students and overseas colleges, universities and associate organizations.

Marketing and promotions

  • Participating in educational and agents’ events
  • Maintaining liaison with Education Providers i.e. local and international feeder institutions
  • Placing Advertisement in popular Newspapers 
  • Arranging leaflets, flyers distribution at focal points
  • Maintaining networks with key stakeholders
  • Arranging Event Marketing in key occasions at key places
  • Conducting digital and social marketing activities through digital and social media.

Key skills and core competences gained

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the overseas education sector
  • Intelligence on competitor activity
  • Fluency in student life in overseas education destinations
  • Mastery in marketing and promotional strategies
  • Listening with empathy and attention
  • Ability to read non-verbal signals, body language, variations of voice tones
  • Maintaining focus on customer needs
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships
  • Efficiency in taking initiatives and be creative
  • Organizing multiple tasks, effective work schedule
  • Applying flexibility with open mind and adapt with change
  • Maintaining teamwork and cooperation
  • Conducting responsiveness and responsibilities
  • Giving attention to detail and controlling quality
  • Training staff members and referees

Agent status and membership

  • ICEF– Trained Agent Counselor (ITAC)
  • British Council – Trained Agent

Growth strategy

Our short-term plan is to increase the number of our partner educational institutions so that international students can enjoy more flexibility in their choices and we have courses and educational institutions for every single and specialized choice. Our long-term strategy is to open offices in Dubai and possibly UK.


Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity

Open Communication and Transparency

Professional Skills and Due Care

Confidentiality and Professional Behavior

Inclusiveness, Impartiality and Respect

Consideration, Empathy and Inspiration

Key Team members

Name Designation Experience
Mr. Asghar butt CEO 17 years at AEC
Mr. Muhammad kashif Director Managing 12 Years at AEC
Mr. Muhammad Qasim Director Marketing 12 Years at AEC
Mr. Khawar Abbas Counseling officer 06 Years at AEC
Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Counseling officer 02 Months at AEC
Miss.. Ayesha Counseling officer 06 Months at AEC
Miss. Asma Nazir Admin officer 08 Years at AEC
Miss. Shamneel Accounts 03 Years at AEC


Winner of Emerging business partner of the year 2019

– AIBT Global