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Asian Education Consultants (AEC) is a guiding light for students in Gujrat, Wazirabad, Gujranwala, and Mandi Bahauddin, led by the visionary Asghar Butt. We specialize in making study abroad dreams a reality, offering expert visa advice and application services. Our focus is on countries like the UK, USA, Australia, France, Cyprus, Ireland, and New Zealand, among others.

Our mission is to simplify the journey to international education. With personalized support and detailed guidance, we navigate you through every step of the process. Trust in AEC to open the doors to a world of educational opportunities, helping you achieve your academic and professional ambitions with ease and confidence.

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Our Objectives

When you kickstart your professional career and manifest leading opportunities, miracles happen. But one block that you may face is the backing of proper study abroad & education consultants in Pakistan. Here Paragon has got you covered!

Our Team

At AEC Pakistan, our team is the cornerstone of our success. Comprising dedicated instructors, supportive staff, and expert advisors, we are united by a passion for education and a commitment to student success.

  • Our Instructors: With deep expertise and extensive experience, our instructors bring real-world knowledge to the classroom. 
  • Our Staff: Approachable and attentive, our staff members are the first point of contact for our students, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment.
  • Our Advisors: Our advisors are the navigators of AEC’s educational journey. They provide personalized guidance, helping students select courses that align with their career goals and assisting them through the registration process with utmost professionalism.

Together, we make AEC Pakistan a place where learning thrives, and futures are forged.